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Prohibition of the extradition and deportation offenders at the procedure of the European court of human rights whit considering the European convention of human rights

Maryam Ahmadinejad

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 1-32

  The oldest topics in international law are the deportation andextradition. After raised the new issues of human rights in the field ofinternational law and to transform human statusininternationalrelations inpractice the issue ofdeportationand extradition aresometimes in conflict with European human ...  Read More

Health Promotion of Judicial System: a Case study on Intermediary

Gholamreza Zakersalehi; Mehdi Rahmatifar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 33-60

  Some of judicial authorities and courts of justice in big cities arestruggling with the phenomenon of brokerage and intermediary at thepresent time. It is the subject of the present study. In this article, theauthor suggests the synergic model of supply- demand for corruptjudicial services, to explain ...  Read More

Criminalization of Use of Nuclear Weapons in Context of EmergingHuman Rights - Based of International Law

Hojjat Salimi Turkaman

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 61-96

  Nowadays, various subjects of international law, includingcriminalization of use of nuclear weapons, can be studied from twodifferent aspects. In the classic paradigm of international law based onWestphalian order and sovereignty–oriented approach and in light ofinternational court of justice(ICJ) ...  Read More

Offences against the Administration of Criminal Justice in Statute of International Criminal Court

Hossein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi; Rasoul Abed

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 97-120

  At the international level, like national level, there are certaincriminal behaviours which may pervert the right course of justice.Many ad hoc international courts have, in the course of their activities,faced the problem of how to deal with these offences. They usuallytried to justify their jurisdiction ...  Read More

Humanitarian dignity As the prevention of developing criminalization

Saeed Qomash

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 137-158

  Studying the discussions of political philosophy, the law andanalysis of criminal laws all show that the criminalization can happengenerally depending on the principle of harm and three views ofpatriarchy, morality, and perfectionism. In perfectionism it is believethat for moral promotion and the development ...  Read More

Using on "influence against Right and Law

Gafar Koosha

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 159-180

  Crime of "trying to corruptly influence a judge, judges, a court or agovernment official to one side or the other" was passed by Iranianlegislature in 1315 solar. Although the crime is comparable withcrimes such as bribery and fraud; has got its own particular elementsas well as specific conditions and ...  Read More

Efficiency and non-Efficiency of Imprisonment in International Criminal Law

Behzad Razavifard

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 181-203

  Imprisonment fundamentally borninthe sphere of National criminallaw. In other word, for many years imprisonment has been viewed anddictated on the base of crime doings inside the borders of the NationStates. Imprisonment has been an excommunicating punishment thatits efficiency harshly criticized in ...  Read More

Surveying homicide as the real barriers of inheritance

MORTEZA Tabib; Mohsen Akbari

Volume 1, Issue 1 , October 2012, Pages 121-136

  There are times when some of the heir qualities cause them to bedebarred from coming into their inheritance which are calledinheritance barriers. In spite of contradictions among the jurists ofIslamic faiths on the number of inheritance barriers, they alluniversally agree upon homicide as one. However, ...  Read More