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Rethinking Jurisprudential Evidences for the Death Penalty in Relation to Repeatation of Specific Crimes (Hudud)

Rahim Nobahar

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 9-46

  AbstractAccording to a seemingly well-known opinion between Shi’ite jurists, ifsomeone commits a prescribed crime (hadd) four times, he would beconvicted to the death penalty if the punishments for the three previouscrimes have been carried out. This article critically re-reads the evidencesand ...  Read More

Penal Instrumentalism; Domain, Concept, Indicators

Hamed Rahmanian; mohamad jafar Habibzadeh

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 47-71

  One of the significant matters in realm of relationship between morality andcriminal policy is the discussion which revolves around the morality ofpunishment application. In criminal policy as well as the public policy, weobserve the practices and approaches in which any purposes justify theresorting ...  Read More

Criminal, Civil and Disciplinary Responsibility of Violators of Fundamental Principles of Criminal Procedure

Zeinab Bagherinejad; Rajab goldoust Jouibari

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 73-92

  bstractOne of the fundamental features of law is having of sanction. If law abidingsee themselves freedom and without punishment in performance or rules oflaw, how one can accomplish aim of law that is regulation of personalrelationships and establishment of discipline in society. so whenever rightsof ...  Read More

A Prelude on the Institution of Sentencing Deferment in Iran, German and French Law

Hossein Mohammad Kourepaz; Abdoulali Tavajjohi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 93-119

  In the Islamic criminal code essentials’ section (2013); we are observing thefundamental changes and innovations relating to the formercode. Theobjective of the legislator in increasing the essentials’ section is that it defendsthe society against the criminal phenomenon in different discussions ...  Read More

Iran's Penal Policy on Children and Juvenile Victims of Sex Tourism

Masoud Akbari; Fatemeh Ghanad

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 121-146

  AbstrctChildren and juvenile sex tourism has nowadays become one of the mostprofitable transnational organized criminal practices, which as a new typeof child and juvenile victimization in the world, became a manifestation ofmodern slavery of children and minors. This practice involves the abuse andprostitution ...  Read More

Criminological Analysis of Economic Crimes

Shahram Ebrahimi; Majid Sadegh Nejad Naeini

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 147-174

  AbstractWhat is known today as economic crime involves harm and severedamage to the economic system of each country and the internationaleconomic system in the cycle of production, distribution, transportation,consumption and money.So,In the last decade, international organizationslike the United Nation ...  Read More

Concurrence of Offenses and Its Effects in New Islamic Penal Code

Modjtaba jafari

Volume 2, Issue 5 , February 2014, Pages 175-196


  The concurrence of offenses is aspecific situation in whicha person commitssome crimes and then he would be arrested tobeprosecuted and punished forall of that crimes. There are twopoints inthis definition: Firstly, theconcurrence of offenses arises whenthe defendant has committedmore thanone offense. ...  Read More